Services - Shipping


Bunkers & Luboils

As brokers and traders we are able to arrange for High Quality Bunkers and Luboils in any port in Spain, or the world.

Superintending & Port Captain

With our Marine Superintendents, your company will be present on board your vessels in all Spanish ports.


Transcoma Projects provides a full range of transportation services for special cargo focussed on minimizing costs, improving multimodal transport efficiency and dealing with political, technical and bureaucratic barriers, to ensure arrival on time and on budget. From turn-key projects to oversized pieces, we can handle it.


We have the advantage of being able to extend schengen visas for disembarking crew, within 48 hours, and even more important, via our agents in Amsterdam Airport schengen visas for ONSIGNERS within 48 hours.


Door to door 24 hour private taxi service for all necessary transportation.

Hotel Accomodation

From 3 star to 5 star hotels, a wide range of hotels from the most economic for a quick transfer, to and from the port to the hotel in accordance with your desires, we have a nationwide contract with competitive rates with the leading hotel companies in all major ports.

Travel Agency

Last minute reservations, at seaman rates, this is no problem, the capable and professional hands of our travel agents will solve any last minute problems.

OPL (Off Port Limits) By Barge

An excellent option avoiding costs and time. We have stipulated meeting point positions, depending on the size of the vessel, the master always preadvising us with eta to the meeting point, and our barge is waiting for the vessel, with palletized cargo, with crew, or with any other urgent item, this implies no port formalities, no pilotage, no anchorage.

Shipchandlery Attention

Try us, you will be surprised about the punctual, efficient, and most important of all, quality and Costs for Provisions and Technical Stores.

Spares In Transit

Time problems for clearance of spares?

We can offer an exceptional service at any airport, with clearance 7 days a week 24 hours a day for any type of spares, transport to the port of destination, and an immediate dispatch at customs for an immediate delivery.

Shore cranes are available 24/7.

We have a weekly consolidated truck service to all European destinations, at very competitive prices. Our major warehouses in Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia and Algeciras can be your hub warehouse to stock your spares for distribution.


Our workshops travel nationwide if required, independently the local numerous types of workshops, for minor repairs, major repairs, hold cleaning, Just ask us where you want your repairs to be undertaken and we will always give you the best option.

Cash To Master

Just ask us what the charges are, you will be very surprised about our bank charges, US Dollars at your disposition immediately.

Medical Attention

24 hour private and public medical attention. Full authorized Pharmacy supplies, with Class and Flag compliance, drug and alcohol testing. emergency Helicopter service is available.

Cargo Samples and Vessels Inspections

All cargo, bunker, luboil samples are taken from the vessel and forwarded following your instructions. If you require an independent survey, we can attend you with class approved surveyors.

Nitrogen Supply

You may require supply of liquid nitrogen, we can oofer you consequently this service, the supply of can s either be at ANCHORAGE by barge, or ALONGSIDE by truck, your vessel does not have to berth at the refinery terminal.

Waste Collection

As you are fully aware Marpol regulations these days can complicate vessels operations. We have full facilities, for reception of Marpol I and Marpol V at anchorage and alongside, with the corresponding Marpol Discharging Certificates in all major ports.