Verlio Group set up its environment division more than two decades ago. More than 25 years on, we consistently deliver optimum results as Marpol managers in all those ports where the companies that comprise Verlio Environment carry out their services.

Our specialised companies have all the necessary means, infrastructures, waste processing plants and their own fleet of waste collection vehicles.

Verlio Environment does not only manage residues

But also provides the necessary certified means to prevent environmental damage, which is a major advantage in the event of an emergency at sea.

In order to reach and even go beyond our Environment Division’s key objective, we work in accordance with Standard internacional ISO 14001:2015, as well as the provisions set forth in the various regulations, policies and certifications inherent to our activity, and also benefit from the firm commitment and ongoing involvement of all our human capital.

Our commitment:


  • Operations carried out in full compliance with environmental and safety conditions.
  • The prevention of pollution at sea, air and shoreside in all our port activities and operations, applying best practices that are coherent with the organisation.
  • To raise and improve internal environmental awareness and training.
  • To address the environmental considerations of our shipping agents and lines, service users and stakeholders, in line with our objectives in order to build up synergies between professionals operating in the sector.
  • To inform and raise awareness among our subcontractors and suppliers.
  • To identify and comply with all applicable regulations, and to assess other voluntary commitments for improved environmental techniques.
  • To collaborate with public authorities regarding the correct deployment of our services, in order to minimise environmental risks in maritime and port public domains..

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