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“He has come to Mallorca to pick up and move 700 vehicles.

The vessel Paganella, a car carrier type vessel, specialized in the transport of cars, was in the port of Palma last Thursday. It arrived to load and take away from the island about 700 cars, although its capacity is 5,000.

It was not the first time that a ship of these characteristics had arrived, but it is probably the largest of this type that has ever operated in Palma.

It was built in the Chinese shipyard of Zhoushan, entering service in 2009 under the name of CSAV Rio Illapel, later in 2014 its name was changed to the current Paganella. It is almost 183 meters long by 32.1 meters wide and 47,020 tons of register, being able to reach up to 20 knots of speed…”